Disabled Sailing


The United States Sailing Center, Long Beach, California runs sailing programs for several disabled groups/programs. We do programs with Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation, recreational therapy groups from Long Beach Memorial Hospital and Miller Children’s Hospital, the Braille Institute of Orange County, and several other groups. Casa Colina integrates us into their Outdoor Adventure program on a monthly basis; other groups tend to schedule programs during the warmer months, while some groups go sailing less frequently.

Most of the programs we offer are day sails on our Cal 20’s that have been modified to support these programs, usually lasting 2 to 4 hours. For disabled people, sailing is a very enabling experience, allowing them to do an exciting yet at the same time serene activity that they usually would never have an opportunity to do.

For most groups and certainly individuals, it is probably easiest to contact one of our existing groups to participate in our sailing experience; however we are willing to work with some groups to try to tailor a program to fit their needs.