Rules and Guidelines

Individuals participating in events and activities at the United States Sailing Center – Long Beach are expected to abide by the following rules and guidelines and will be required to sign our “Rules and Guidelines” form.

Being under the influence or in possession of illicit drugs during program hours or while away competing at regattas is strictly prohibited.

Life jackets shall be worn by all sailors while on the water. Life jackets shall be worn outside all clothing and foul weather gear. Except that a thin T-shirt may be worn over the life jacket to prevent snagging on lines and equipment.

Always be courteous to Sailing Center staff, guests, and other students.

No talking in class while coach is talking.

No foul, sexist, or obscene language is allowed.

No horse play: chasing , water fights, pushing people in water, mis-use of equipment, etc.

No eating in classroom.

Always throw trash away in trash bin.

Securing boats:
-Main halyard tied to outhaul
-Boats must be washed, drained, and hoses coiled after usage.
-Mainsheets need to be coiled and cleated
-Boats must sit properly on dolly (never allow bow to rest on ground)
-Roll and put away sails in box, or in specified location
-Put tillers away in life jacket closet

After launching boat return dolly to that boats parking spot.

Students must provide their own life jackets. Sailing Center life jackets may only be used with the consent of a coach. Any borrowed life jackets must be checked out/in and stowed properly after use.

Store ALL sailing gear next to lifejacket room. NOT in parking lot, office, garage, etc.

Report all breakdowns and necessary boat maintenance to head coach.

The United States Sailing Center-Long Beach is not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken valuables. It is recommended that valuables be left at home!

All found items will be placed in the Lost & Found. Any item left in the Lost & Found for more than 15 days will become property of the Sailing Center.