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Fanatic Lite Bat

  • 10'6" Fanatic Lite Bat with 4 sets of sails
    -1988 model featuring a World Cup Shape with pintail design and carbon reinforced construction
    - 160L; 10'6" / 325cm long
    -Comes with 4 sets of sails
    -6.1 Neilpryde RAF Dynamic; 5.4 Neilpryde RAF Dynamic; 6.0 North Sails Ezzy Wave; 5.4 North Sails Ezzy Wave
    -Comes with mast, boom, mast extensions, and Neilpryde Harness
    | Board and sails are located in Long Beach, CA |  Price - $795 
  • After viewing the information on this website we encourage all interested buyers to make an appointment to inspect the vessel by contacting 562-433-7939.